Experience Easter is a collection of resources and ideas designed to help people interact with the amazing true story behind Easter.

These resources have been designed by talented creatives with a passion for Christ. All our resources are available for free, however, we politely ask when using or sharing to consider making a donation so that our creatives can continue to make resources to aid your mission.

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The first exhibition ran in Viewfield Baptist Church in 2018, a year later churches across Dunfermline worked together to run the event in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre.

In 2020 Experience Easter was launched as an online resource helping churches and Christian groups to help share the good news of Easter.

Contributions by:

Anthony Luxton (Dunfermline West Baptist Church), Carolyn Higgins, Rae MacKenzie (Viewfield Baptist Church), Mike Weaver (Gillespie Memorial Church), Jon Farrimond (Liberty Church), Gilmour Lilly (Rosyth Baptist Church) and Peter Foster (Leven Baptist Church).